Difficulty levels

Most tutorials are ranked by the 3 difficulty levels below:

  • ★☆☆ Beginner: no specific knowledge of the Opendatasoft platform required. Every step and element will be explained in details, although only a few technical elements will be introduced. The Beginner level is for anyone who wants to discover more technical features of the Opendatasoft platform.
  • ★★☆ Intermediate: a good knowledge of the Opendatasoft platform is a definite plus, but no technical background is required. Technical elements (e.g. widgets, HTML, CSS) will be introduced but explained in details. The Intermediate level is great for those who have already experimented with the platform and wish to be accompanied while learning about more technical topics and elements.
  • ★★★ Advanced: a good knowledge of the Opendatasoft platform and of the basics of HTML & CSS (what they are used for, how they work, what is the logic and syntax behind them) are required. Advanced technical elements (e.g. AngularJS) will be introduced but explained in details. The Advanced level is for the resourceful ones who want to extend their technical knowledge.

These 3 levels are gradual, which means that one can start with Beginner tutorials and end up following Advanced tutorials after a while, once they have acquired more knowledge through the different tutorials.

A few tutorials are not ranked as the others. They are labeled Expert. These tutorials require a developed technical background. They include very advanced technical elements that will not be explained in details.