Getting started with Opendatasoft

  1. Using any web browser, go to the Opendatasoft domain of your choice.

  2. Submit your credentials (email and password you chose when creating your account) to log in to the chosen Opendatasoft domain.

  3. When logging in for the first time: accept Opendatasoft's terms of use.


The address of an Opendatasoft domain generally looks like one of the following examples:


  •, for personals

  •, for free trials

However, it could also not contain any mention of Opendatasoft if an alias was created for the domain.

Using Opendatasoft as an authenticated user

Once logged in as an Opendatasoft user, you can navigate the domain's front office (end-user interface) to explore the catalog and datasets and even go further by creating maps and charts. If you are also granted the right permissions, you can access the back office (administration interface), where it is possible to publish data, create content, and manage and configure the domain.

Depending on the domain, there are 2 ways to have an Opendatasoft account:

  • it may be possible to create a new account by clicking the "Signup" button that should be displayed in the top right corner (however, not all Opendatasoft domains allow users to signup),

  • or, one can be invited to an Opendatasoft domain by an administrator of that domain; the new user then receives an email with a link to create a new account.

Discovering a domain without having an Opendatasoft account

If you do not have an Opendatasoft account, and that the Opendatasoft domain you want to access is open to unauthenticated users, you are not required to create an account. As a user without an account (also called an anonymous user), it is possible to navigate the front office. However, you will not have access to the back office.