Dataset actions and statuses


Actions related to the life cycle of a dataset

Action Button Description
Save ../../_images/button_save.png Saves all new configurations and modifications operated on the dataset.
Publish ../../_images/button_publish.png Makes the dataset's modifications go live on the portal. The duration of the publishing varies depending on the dataset, and the nature of the modifications.
Abort ../../_images/button_abort.png Replaces the Publish button after clicking on it, and only lasts until the end of the publishing. Stops the publishing and leaves the dataset in a clean state, but incomplete since not all records have been processed.
Unpublish ../../_images/button_more-actions.png ../../_images/button_unpublish.png

Removes the dataset from the front office catalog, deleting all the records during the process.


In some cases, the unpublishing of a dataset can erase data (i.e. realtime without recovery, specific connectors, dataset schema change etc.).

Delete dataset ../../_images/button_more-actions.png ../../_images/button_delete.png

Removes the dataset from both front office and back office catalogs. Entirely deletes the dataset, its records and everything else related to the dataset.


Once a dataset has been deleted, it is not possible to get it back. This operation cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Actions related to the configuring/processing of a dataset

Action Button Description
Undo ../../_images/button_more-actions.png ../../_images/button_undo.png Reverses the last action operated on the dataset.
Redo ../../_images/button_more-actions.png ../../_images/button_redo.png Reoperates the last reversed action on the dataset.
Duplicate dataset ../../_images/button_more-actions.png ../../_images/button_duplicate.png Creates an exact same copy of the dataset.


Status Description
Queued The processing is waiting to get started.
Processing The processing is ongoing. Records are extracted from the connector, processors are applied and the result is made available through the Opendatasoft API. The number of records increases during this step.
Unpublishing The dataset is being unpublished, thus removed from the API.
Aborting processing The ongoing processing stops at where it was when the Abort button was pushed.