Configuring dataset export

Users can download any published dataset in a variety of formats, from the Export tab of the front office (see Exporting data).

In the Opendatasoft platform, the configuration of the available exports is done in the Export tab of the edition interface of each dataset.


Specifying a sort for exports

By default, the records of a dataset export are not ordered. It is possible to configure the sorting of the records, by choosing a sort type for a chosen field.


Only fields that can be sorted by default, or fields that have been set as sortable, can be selected for this feature.

  1. In the Export sort area, click on the "Sort on field" list box.
  2. Choose a field from the dataset, on which the sorting will be based.
  3. Click on the second list box, displayed below the first one.
  4. Choose a sort type.


The sort does not apply on additional export formats.