Configuring the map view


The map view is only available to datasets containing at least one geo field (geo point or geo shape).

You can configure the appearance of the map itself:

  • If a tooltip displays more than one item (when multiple records have the same location for example), you can set their relative order
  • If you have more than one basemap on your domain, you can set which one is selected by default for this dataset (otherwise it is the first one in the list)
  • The color of the shapes and points displayed on the map
  • If the data is represented as points, you can configure how it is displayed: a simple icon, little dots, or a familiar marker

The map view options

Setting up the tooltip

On a map, a click on a point will bring forward a tooltip containing more information

Map Tooltip

You can configure the tooltip in exactly the same way than for the image gallery or the calendar.