GeoJoin processor

This processor retrieves administrative divisions geo shapes for a specified country and referential (postcode, county code, etc.).

Each country has specific referentials, all referenced in the section below. The GeoJoin processors is available for the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • the Netherlands
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • the USA
  • Wales
  • United Kingdom

It is also available for the world, which means that is is possible to retrieve the geo shape of any other country than those listed above. However, only the geo shape of the country will be retrieved, the processor will not be able to retrieve geo shapes from administrative divisions at a smaller scale.

Setting the processor

To set the parameters of the GeoJoin processor, follow the indications from the table below, for the general parameters. Depending on the chosen country, see the referentials in the Referentials section.

Label Description Mandatory
Country Country from which to retrieve administrative divisions geo shapes yes
Repository Referential used by the processor to retrieve the geo shapes (see the Referentials section below to know which administrative divisions are available depending on the chosen country) yes
Local key Field of the dataset which contains the matching administrative division referential to the chosen one in the Repository parameter yes
Output field Field where the geo shapes will be displayed. It can be an existing field chosen from the list, or a new field created for that purpose (in that case, choose Input text from the list and write the name of the new field in the text area below). yes


To set the Repository, follow the indications from the table of the chosen country.


The referentials below can also be found in datasets available on


Repository Source
arrondissements2008 Arrondissements Belges (2008)
provinces2008 Provinces Belges (2008)
communes2008 Communes Belges (2008)
regions2008 Régions Belges (2008)
cantons2008 Cantons Belges (2008)


Repository Source
provinces2003 Canada Provinces (2003)
counties2011 Intercensal Canada (2011)
census-divisions2011 Canadian Census Divisions (2011)
census-subdivisions2011 Canadian Census Subdivisions (2011)


Repository Source
stadten2017 Deutschland Stadt (2017)
landern2016 Deutschland Länder (2016)
postleitzahlen2016 Postleitzahlen Deutschland (2016)
landkreise2017 Landkreise (2017)


Repository Source
estados2017 Estados de México (2017)


Repository Source
postcodes2015 Nederland Postcodes (2015)

Scotland (GB)

Repository Source
wards2014 Wards in Scotland (2014)
wards2015 Wards in Scotland (2015)
wards2016 Wards in Scotland (2016)


Repository Source
provincias2012 Provincias españolas (2012)
comunidades-autonomas2012 Comunidades Autónomas españolas (2012)


Repository Source
counties2017 US County Boundaries (2017)
zcta2016 ZCTA (2016)
states2017 US State Boundaries (2017)

United Kingdom

Repository Source
wards2017 Wards (2017)
districts2018 Local Authority Districts (2018)
counties2017 Counties and Unitary Authorities (2017)
countries2017 United Kingdom - Constituent Countries (2017)


Repository Source
countries2016 Natural Earth Countries (2016)
countries2018-iso2 Earth Countries ISO2 ()
countries2018-iso3 Earth Countries ISO3 ()