JCDecaux connector


This connector is not available by default. Please contact Opendatasoft for the activation of this connector on a given Opendatasoft domain.

The JCDecaux Bicycles Stations Data connector is used to retrieve the state of JCDecaux bike stations. It creates a dataset with records for one or more contracts, containing the name of the station, the capabilities, the number of available bikes, and the number of available slots.


  1. Enter jcdecaux://bicycles/data in the Enter a URL area, when creating a new dataset.

  2. Press Enter, or click the + button.


The JCDecaux Bike Stations dataset is available on our data portal. You can federate it to use the data.


Name Description Usage
API key API key of the user's account on the JCDecaux API. By default, the textbox is empty. It must be filled otherwise the dataset will remain empty. Retrieve the API key on the JCDecaux API and paste it in the textbox.
City To filter the data by city. By default, the textbox is empty. Check the "contract_name" field in the dataset preview to find the name of the existing cities. Add one or more city names to filter the data.