Configuring a source

Most of the time, datasets are based on at least one source, which contains data. When this source (no matter if it is a file, an API, or any other supported source type) is uploaded, the platform will automatically use a connector to be able to read and understand that source. When creating a new dataset, it is important to make sure that the preview is completely readable: it means that the source of the dataset has been well understood and configured.

In the Opendatasoft platform, the configuration of a dataset source is done in the Source tab of the edition interface of each dataset.

The configuration options of a source entirely depend on the source type, and both the way the source has been added to the dataset and the format of that source matter to determine that type. In the table below are listed the existing and available connectors, associated with their matching source types. Check both columns, then click the link on the connector name to find out about all related configuration options.

Name Description & Supported formats Availability
Airtable Used for data extracted from an Airtable base Default
ArcGIS Used for data extracted from an ArcGIS server Default
Census Used for data extracted from the US Census Bureau's API On demand
CSV Used for CSV (.csv), TSV (.tsv), Text (.txt) and DAT (.dat) files Default
Dataset of datasets Used to create a dataset from the catalog of an Opendatasoft domain Default
GeoJSON Used for GeoJSON (.geojson) files Default
JCDecaux Used to retrieve the state of JCDecaux bike stations On demand
JSON Used for JSON (.json) files Default, except for JSON Dict
KML Used for KML (.kml) and KMZ (.kmz) files Default
MapInfo Used for MapInfo ZIP archives Default
Netatmo Used to retrieve data from the Netatmo API On demand
OpenAgenda Used to retrieve events from OpenAgenda agendas On demand
OSM Used for OpenStreetMap archives (.osm) Default
Salesforce Used to retrieve data from the Salesforce API On demand
Shapefile Used for Shapefiles Default
Spreadsheet Used for spreadsheet files (.xls, .xlsx, .ods) Default
WFS Used to retrieve data from a WFS service On demand
XML Used for XML (.xml) files Default