Enigma harvester

Retrieve datasets from Enigma

This harvester is not available by default. If you need to use it, please contact the Opendatasoft support team.


Name Description Mandatory Example
Collection ID The ID of the Enigma collection you wish to harvest. Yes The URL for the 'United Nations' collection is https://public.enigma.com/browse/united-nations/f5a685ff-1e83-4654-ba8e-901a48f73ec2, so the collection ID is f5a685ff-1e83-4654-ba8e-901a48f73ec2
API key Your API key available in your account settings Yes nrT6thbd5glQyGsiDOatw6B09G0eMJF8xqqC62x2J1UDuiClZj4VS
Number of datasets Only retrieve a certain amount of datasets. No 5