DB.nomics harvester

Retrieve one or more datasets from DB.nomics.

It is possible to either fetch each of these time series as individual Opendatasoft datasets or aggregate them as a single Opendatasoft dataset. The aggregated dataset will have an additional "Concept" column with the origin of each row.

A dataset ID follows the following format ProviderName-DatasetId.


Retrieve the dataset ID using the explorer. Select a provider, the dataset to retrieve and click on API Link > JSON. A link following this format will appear : https://api.db.nomics.world/api/v1/json/datasets/bea-fa2004-section1-101-a/values

In this example, the dataset ID is : bea-fa2004-section1-101-a


Name Description Example
Dataset The comma separated list of dataset IDs to harvest. eurostat-earn-ses06-01, ameco-adggi, ...
Aggregate series in a single dataset Aggregate SDMX series into a single SDMX dataset.