Salesforce connector


This connector is not available by default. Please contact Opendatasoft for the activation of this connector on a given Opendatasoft domain.

The Salesforce connector is used to extract data from the REST API.


An application on the Salesforce instance must be created and configured. Please refer to the Salesforce documentation for more information.


  1. Enter force://, followed by the object name (e.g. force://GC_MY_Object__c) in the Enter a URL area, when creating a new dataset.

  2. Press Enter, or click the + button.


Name Description Usage
Client Id Consumer key from the connected application definition. Indicate the client ID in the textbox.
Client Secret Consumer Secret from the connected application definition. Indicate the client secret in the textbox.
Username End-user’s username. Indicate the username in the textbox.
Password End-user’s password. Indicate the password in the textbox.
Security Token End-user’s security token. Indicate the security token in the textbox.
Use Sandbox To use the Salesforce sandbox for tests. By default, the box is not checked. Check the box to use the sandbox.
Filtered Fields Fields to retrieve from the object. Indicate the name of the field in the textbox. Relationships can be followed with the following notation: GC_OBO_Referential__r.Name.