Configuring a remote service

You can configure a remote service to add a source while creating a dataset.

For a list of available connectors, see Connectors to remote services.

  1. In Catalog > Datasets, click on the New dataset button.

  2. In the wizard that opens, select the desired service under the Configure a remote service section.

  3. Configure the connection to your source.

For Google Drive and SharePoint, you can select a saved connection or configure a new connection. If you configure a new connection, select the Save connection information check box to save your connection.

  1. From the preview of the first 20 records that appears, configure the source.

  2. Configure the dataset information or use the pre-filled values:

    • In the Dataset name field, enter the title for this dataset.

    • In the Dataset technical identifier field, enter a meaningful identifier for this dataset.

    • If you want anyone with access to your domain to be able to explore the dataset, toggle off Access restricted to allowed users and groups.

After creating a dataset, an edition interface for that dataset opens. Only users granted with the right permissions, either "Create dataset" or "Edit dataset", can use this interface.

Using this edition interface, you can process the data, configure the datasets and their visualizations, and manage the publishing of the dataset. For more information, see:

Connectors to remote services

Opendatasoft can connect to a variety of remote services.


Contact your local support team to get on-demand connectors activated on your domain. Some of them are subject to pricing.

Connector Description Availability Folder Incremental
Airtable Retrieves data from an Airtable base On demand N/A
Amazon S3 Retrieves data from a file stored in an Amazon S3 bucket On demand Files only
ArcGIS Retrieves data from an ArcGIS server Default N/A
Azure Blob storage Retrieves data from a file stored in a Blob storage On demand N/A
Census Retrieves data using the US Census Bureau's API On demand N/A
Dataset of datasets Creates a dataset from the catalog of an Opendatasoft domain Default N/A
Eco Counter Retrieves data about Eco Counter counters and counting sites On demand N/A
Feed Retrieves data from Atom and RSS feeds Default N/A
Google BigQuery Retrieves data from a Google BigQuery table On demand N/A
Google Drive Retrieves files located in Google Drive On demand Files only
JCDecaux Retrieves the state of JCDecaux bike stations On demand N/A
Netatmo Retrieves data using the Netatmo API On demand N/A
OpenAgenda Retrieves events from OpenAgenda agendas On demand N/A
Realtime Pushes real-time data to the platform On demand N/A
Salesforce Retrieves data using the Salesforce API On demand N/A
SharePoint Retrieves files located in SharePoint On demand Files only
WFS Retrieves data from a WFS service On demand N/A