Analyzing users usage

Go to the Analytics > Users page.

There are seven indicators :

  1. Activity: API calls per day. It may allow you to understand better who the people using your data are (for example, if you mostly have calls during week days). You can also link your activity to some events (a new dataset, a new communication campaign).

Users Usages Activity Indicator
  1. Total users: Estimated number of unique users who interacted with the domain

Users Usages Total Users Indicator
  1. API Calls per user: on average, API calls per user.

Users Usages API Calls per User Indicator
  1. Anonymous users: Percentage of users without an account. If your domain is open, you may have a lot of anonymous users. That's normal. That's the whole thing about Open Data. Not anonymous people are those who have an Opendatasoft account and who are logged when they use your data.

Users Usages Anonymous Indicator
  1. Mobile users: Percentage of activity generated by users using a mobile device.

Users Usages Mobile Users Indicator
  1. Top 5 users: The people who use your API or your data the most. Keep in mind that if somebody downloads a dataset and develops something on his laptop, you won't be able to know it, and it won't appear here.

Users Usages Top 5 Users Indicator
  1. Map of API calls: The map is based on the geolocation of IP addresses. It gives a good idea of the geographical distribution of usage. However, it can be quite imprecise and may yield false geolocations.

Users Usages Map of API Calls Indicator