Analyzing Source Data

You'll find below the list of fields available in the API monitoring dataset.

Field name Field Description Facet
timestamp Timestamp of the event no
user_ip_addr Remote IP address no
hostname HTTP request host name yes
user_id User identifier yes
dataset_id Dataset identifier yes
domain_id Domain identifier yes
api API name (see below) yes
api_type API type (ods_v1, ods_v2 or odata) yes
query_string HTTP request query string no
custom_attributes HTTP request custom headers (see below) yes
format HTTP response format yes
size_res Response content size no
nhits Number of results no
exec_time Full processing time no
request_aborted If the request was aborted yes
facet List of facets used yes
in_error If the request processing generated an error yes
error Error message no
attachment_id Attachment identifier no
image_id Image identifier no
user_agent HTTP request user agent no
referer HTTP request referer no
embed_type Embed type (see below) no
embed_referer Embed referer no
geo_coordinates Geo coordinates (geoip on field user_ip_addr) no
query_field List of fields used in a full text query no
query_text Free text in a full text query no
bot If the query was used by a bot yes

API names for Opendatasoft APIv1

The api field for Opendatasoft APIv1 (ods_v1) contains one of the following values.

API name Description URL template
search_datasets Search catalog query api/datasets/1.0/search
lookup_dataset Lookup dataset query api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>
download_dataset Download dataset records from the export tab explore/dataset/<dataset_id>/download/
download_dataset_alternative_export Download dataset in an alternative export format api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/alternative_exports/<export_id>/
download_dataset_attachment Download dataset attachment from the information tab api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/attachments/<attachment_id>/
dataset_list_snapshots List dataset snapshots api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/snapshots/
dataset_download_snapshot Download a dataset snapshot api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/snapshots/<snapshot_id>/
search_dataset_records Search query on dataset records api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/
lookup_record Lookup record query api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/<record_id>
download_dataset_records Download dataset records from API (total dataset download count = dowload_dataset + download_dataset_records) api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/download/
analyze_records Analyze records query. Called by analyze tab in explore api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/analyze/
get_bbox_clusters Bounding box query. api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/boundingbox/
get_geo_clusters Geo cluster query. Called by map tab in explore for geo_point api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/geocluster/
get_geo_clusters_polygon Geo clusters polygon query. Called by map tab in explore for shapes api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/geopolygon/
get_geoshapes_preview Preview a geoshape api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/records/geopreview/
download_image Download image. Called by image tab in explore explore/dataset/<dataset_id>/images/<image_id>/download/
images Access images through the API api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/images/<image_id>/, api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/images/<image_id>/<thumbnail_size>
files Access files through the API api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/files/<file_id>/, api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/files/<file_id>/<thumbnail_size>
list_dataset_entry_points List available entry points for an API Proxy api/datasets/1.0/<dataset_id>/services/
metadata_templates List metadata templates via the API api/metadata/1.0/<template_type>/, api/metadata/1.0/<template_type>/<template_name>/

API names for ODATA API

The api field for ODATA API contains one of the following values.

API name Description URL template
odata_service_root_doc Root ODATA API api/odata/
odata_entity list of records in a dataset api/odata/<dataset_id>/
odata_property_value plain text value of a specific field of a specific record from a dataset api/odata/<dataset_id>('<record_id>')/<field>/$value
odata_entity_key_predicate specific record from a dataset api/odata/<dataset_id>('<record_id>')/
record_with_id specific record from a dataset (without quote in API call) api/odata/<dataset_id>(<record_id>)/
odata_metadata_doc metadata call api/odata/$metadata/
odata_record_count number of records in a dataset api/odata/<dataset_id>/$count/

API names for Opendatasoft APIv2

The api field for Opendatasoft APIv2 (ods_v2) contains one of the following values.

API name Description URL template
api_root Call to API v2 root /v2
api_source Call to source path (catalog, monitoring, opendatasoft) /v2/<source>
datasets_index Search on datasets catalog (can be an export if export_as parameter is used) /v2/<source>/datasets
dataset_lookup Dataset lookup call /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>
aggregate_datasets Aggregation call on catalog /v2/<source>/aggregates
records_index Search on dataset records (can be an export if export_as parameter is used) /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>/records
record_lookup Record lookup call /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>/records/<record_id>
aggregate_records Aggregation call on dataset records /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>/aggregates
attachments_index Call to dataset attachments /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>/attachments
attachment_lookup Call to attachment lookup /v2/<source>/datasets/<dataset_id>/attachments/<attachment_id>
metadata_template_types_index Return metadata template types /v2/<source>/metadata_templates
metadata_template_type_lookup Metadata template type lookup /v2/<source>/metadata_templates/<template_type>
metadata_template_lookup Metadata template lookup /v2/<source>/metadata_templates/<template_type>/<template_name>

A custom header ODS-API-Analytics-App can be sent along with the HTTP request. The header value is processed by our monitoring layer and made available in the field custom_attributes.

The embed type field describes the type of embed which generated the query, when relevant.

Embed type Description
cartograph Cartograph embed
chartbuilder Advanced chart embed
explore-analyze Analyze tab embed
explore-map Map tab embed
explore-table Explore tab embed
explore-images Images tab embed