Analyzing domain activity

Go to the Analytics > Backoffice page.

Backoffice Analytics

The Backoffice analytics allows the domain administrator to monitor domain configuration activity.

There are seven indicators :

  1. Actions: Frequency and distribution of actions (analyze, geo, search) taken by users based on API calls. It gives you precious information about what your users do and how to serve them better. Remember that, like with every chart on Opendatasoft, you can filter the variables displayed (Analyze, Geo, or Search) by clicking on the legend labels.

  1. Number of users: Number of users that had an activity on the platform during the period.

Number of users
  1. Actions by users: Number of actions by users during the period.

Actions by users
  1. Top 5 users: Most active users during the period. Note that every user activity is broke down by action type.

Top 5 users
  1. Top 5 modified datasets: Most modified datasets. Those are the datasets that requested more work.

Top 5 modified datasets
  1. Top 5 pages: Most modified pages. Those are the pages that requested more work.

Top 5 pages
  1. Distribution of actions: Distribution of the activity based on the number of actions.

Distribution of actions

Activity log dataset

As in the other analytics pages, you can access the full activity log dataset at the bottom of the dashboard by clicking "See source data".

The activity log dataset contains the following fields.

Field name Description
timestamp Action timestamp
domain_id Domain ID
user_id Identifier of the event owner
dataset_id Id of the dataset if the action is relative to a specific dataset
username Name of the user the action has an effect on
action Action name (one of publish_dataset, add_dataset, edit_dataset, delete_dataset)
group_id Identifier of the group concerned by the action
page_id Identifier of the page concerned by the action
diff Difference introduced by the action (for example, a new permission added to a user)
map_id Identifier of the map
reuse_title Title of the reuse
subdomain_id Identifier of the subdomain where the action was made