Analyzing dataset usageΒΆ

Go to the Catalog > Datasets page. Then for each dataset there is a Monitoring link.

There are seven indicators :

  1. Actions: Frequency and distribution of actions (analyze, geo, search) taken by users based on API calls. Gives you precious information about what your users do and how to better serve them. Also remember that like with every charts on Opendatasoft you can filter the variables displayed (Analyze, Geo or Search) by clicking on the legend labels.
  1. Total users: Estimated number of unique users who interacted with the domain
Total users
  1. API calls per user: on average API calls per users.
API calls per user
  1. Total record searches: Number of searches in the dataset
Total record searches
  1. Text searches
  2. API call sources: Distribution of the API call per page based on number of API calls.
API call sources
  1. Map of API calls: The map is based on the geolocation of IP addresses. It gives a good idea of the geographical distribution of usage. Yet it can be quite imprecise and may yield false geolocations.
Map of API calls