Managing subdomainsΒΆ

Subdomains management lets Opendatasoft customers manage autonomously their own set of domains. A subdomain shares the exact same characteristics as a domain, except that its quotas can be managed from the parent domain (root domain).

Subdomains are made available to Opendatasoft's customers through a specific, paying, license option.

Subdomains can be used for different purposes:

  • A private company with different business units wanting to manage their own Opendatasoft instance (domain).
  • A local government sustaining an Open Data policy at a regional scale, providing its local cities with an on-the-shelf Open Data platform.

The subdomain creation is managed from the parent domain. Once created, the subdomain is a full-fledged domain and can have its own look & feel, datasets, content pages, and security (users and groups).

The parent domain is able to "push" content pages and datasets to subdomains using the distribution feature, and is also able to easily gather data from the subdomains (provided the parent domain has access to the subdomain) using the harvesters feature.