Generating an API key

From the API keys tab of their account, authenticated users have the possibility to generate API keys, as well as to manage them.


API keys are bound to a specific domain. They only work on the domain on which they were created.

These API keys allow you to use the following APIs: ODS Search API v1 and v2, OData, WFS, and CSW (more info in the Using APIs documentation).


Click icon-copypaste to copy an API key.

Generating an API key

  1. Click on the Generate new key button. An API key card appears on the tab.
  2. Write a name for the API key in the Label textbox. It should indicate the purpose of the API key.

Revoking an existing API key

  1. Click on the Revoke key button at the bottom of the chosen API key card. A pop-up window appears.
  2. Click on the Revoke key button to confirm the revocation of the API key.