Following dataset updatesΒΆ

By following a dataset, users can indicate that they are interested in further changes in your dataset: they may have a mobile application that rely on it, use it for academic reasons... As a publisher, you are able to send them notifications about important changes or evolutions, and ensure you keep a relation of trust with your users.

Every user that is logged on your domain is able to follow any dataset they can explore. If your domain allows anonymous users to register, then they will see a grayed-out button that will encourage them to sign up to be able to subscribe; the button won’t appear to anonymous users on domains that don’t allow registration.

Follow button

When there is at least one subscriber on a dataset, then a new Subscribers tab is available to its publishers in the dataset’s publish console. This tab provides the list of users that are currently subscribed, and a form to directly send them a notification by email.

Publisher tab

It is recommended to send a notification when the structure of the dataset changes (e.g. a field disappears or changes its name), or when the data changes in a significant way.