Getting involved: sharing, reusing & reactingΒΆ

As a data consumer, multiple options are available to get more involved in the open data environment: whether you come accross some datasets that you are particularly interested in and want to share with the world, or whether you have specific skills you believe could be put to use to create something with the published data.

This section of the documentation will focus on all available options to share, reuse & react from an Opendatasoft portal:

  • Reuses, to either discover the data-based creations of others, or to submit your very own creations.
  • Sharing your favorite visualizations, or embedding them in any kind of HTML page or website.
  • Exporting data that your want to keep, in various formats.
  • Using APIs to go even further with data.
  • Commenting and discussing with other users about datasets.
  • Following favorite datasets to make sure to be notified of each new modification.
  • Using social networks to share favorite dataset visualizations.
  • Submitting feedbacks to help portal administrators improve their data.