Checking dataset information

The Information tab gives access to all kind of information about the dataset. This tab is often the default landing tab when clicking on a dataset card from the catalog. It also precedes all other visualization, export & API tabs.

Information tab of a dataset

The Information tab contains:

  • the metadata of the dataset, that have been filled out by the portal administrators

  • a Follow button to subscribe to the dataset (see Following dataset updates for more information)

  • the dates of last processing for metadata and data

  • the dataset schema, which indicates for each field of the dataset:

    • the label,

    • the description,

    • the technical identifier,

    • the field type,

    • an example of value from this field.

  • the reuses listing and reuse submit form (see Discovering and submitting data reuses for more information)


Depending on the portal and dataset configurations, more or less information and features can be displayed in the Information tab of the chosen dataset.