Content pages: ideas, tips & resources

Opendatasoft pages allow the creation and integration of a variety of content. Although page templates are available for use, which makes the process of creating a new page content not only easier but also faster (see Using page templates), it definitely is a possibility to create a content page from scratch. There are indeed various possible integrations that can be done, and Opendatasoft also offers many resources that can be used as guidelines.

This documentation aims at listing ideas and pieces of advice concerning content pages, as well as links to other useful Opendatasoft resources.

Content integrations

The main integration to think of when creating a content page is that of widgets. Opendatasoft widgets are components, available as HTML elements, that can be combined together to build interactive content pages. All widgets are documented in the Opendatasoft Widgets documentation.

Some of the best-known widgets, and most useful when creating a content page, are the visualization ones. Each Opendatasoft dataset is available through several visualizations that can all be embedded in a content page (see Sharing & embedding data visualizations).


A few widgets are available in the User Guide instead of the Widgets documentation. Contrary to all other widgets, they cannot be used outside the Opendatasoft environment. See Contact form and Pages list.

Third-party content, that is, integrations with elements that are not of the Opendatasoft environment, can also be integrated in a content page, as long as they are available as a pastable HTML piece of code.


Due to security concerns, JavaScript is not allowed in Opendatasoft pages. Other-party embeds in JavaScript are therefore not supported.

Content creation resources

The user guide is not meant to provide more information about content pages than what is already documented in this Creating content section. However, there are other Opendatasoft resources entirely about the content pages topic.

  • Product Concepts: explained demonstrations of concepts that can be used in content pages, such as HTML, CSS, Angular, etc.

  • ODS Templates: content page templates that can be copied and are ready to be pasted on an empty page.

  • Tutorials: step by step guides to create entire or parts of content pages, ranked by 3 difficulty levels.