Configure catalog & dataset pages

This section explains which features can be configured on the catalog and dataset pages.

Catalog page

Geographic filter

If you have datasets with geographic metadatas, you can give users the possibility to filter the catalog for datasets in a specific area using a mini-map in the filters bar. See Navigating the catalog for more details.

This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Configuration section in the menu bar, then on the Catalog page & dataset pages link


Dataset page

Users can explore and analyze datasets using different visualizations and tools, each one available in a tab in the dataset page. See Visualizing data for more details.

Default tab

By default the dataset is opened on the table view, but you can choose to display the information tab instead. The table view by default is useful to give users with a direct access to the data, whereas the information tab by default is interesting to provide users with context and description first.