Improving user sharing

Integrating social media

Share on social media buttons

You can choose to display share buttons that will provide users with quick access to their favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email).

You can enable these share buttons in the Social networks & sharing section from the Configuration menu.


Twitter cards

If a user tweets a link to a dataset on your portal, a summary can be displayed (the title and description of your dataset), associated with a Twitter account of your choice.


This is a feature provided by Twitter itself. It should work by default without additional configuration, except if your domain is not whitelisted for summary card by Twitter.

You can check this by previewing a summary on the Twitter Card page. Put the URL of one of your public datasets in the Card URL field on this page.

If, after clicking on Preview, your domain does not appear as whitelisted for summary card, you have to request approvals by clicking on the Request Approval button. You also have to input your Twitter handle to associate your portal with these approved Twitter Cards in the Social networks & sharing section from the Configuration menu.


Dataset information cards

When embedding visualizations, users have the option to display an additional information card on top of the embed.

In the Embeds section in the Configuration menu, you can configure the position of this information card (top or bottom).


You can also force the display of the information card on every embed using the checkbox Force embeds to have a dataset information card displayed at all times.