Welcome to the user guide of the Opendatasoft platform!

Opendatasoft is a turnkey solution designed for non-technical users to share, publish, and reuse data. It is available as a commercial-off-the-shelf, cloud-hosted product.

Opendatasoft includes a unique set of integrated features:

  • to collect datasets from various locations and in different formats,

  • to transform and enrich these datasets using powerful built-in data preparation features,

  • to publish these datasets as RESTFul APIs,

  • to explore the datasets catalog, to visualize individual datasets, or build multi-datasets mashups.

This documentation is Opendatasoft's reference user guide.


Opendatasoft staff is always available to help. You can give us feedback or send us questions by contacting Opendatasoft support, either by hitting the Support link in the back-office menu or sending an email to support@opendatasoft.com.

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